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Add a Picture to an Article

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Last updated: 22 Nov, 2013

Graphics must be uploaded to the server before you can display them on the page. You can upload them as part of adding the image.

  • Add or edit the article you wish to add the picture to
  • Place your cursor where you want to add the picture
  • Click on the Insert/Edit Image icon in the Article edit box
    Add/Edit Image icon
  • Click on Browse Server
    KBPublisher quick add
  • Go to the directory on the server where the image is now, or where you want to place it if you haven't uploaded it yet
    KBPublisher quick add

If you have not yet uploaded the picture

  • Click on the Browse button at the bottom of the screen
    KBPublisher quick add
  • Browse to find the file you want to upload
  • Click on the file and then click on Open
    KBPublisher quick add
  • This brings you back to the upload screen. Click Upload
    KBPublisher quick add
  • The name of the picture appears in the list of files

Once the picture is loaded onto the server

  • Click on the name of the file you want to upload
    KBPublisher quick add
  • This takes you back to the Image Properties box with the address of the file in the URL line. You will see a preview of the picture in the Preview window.
  • This is the minimum you need to do to add the picture. You can optimize it by adding alternative text, resizing it, adding borders or margins, adding links or modifying the style.
  • Click OK to add the picture to the article.


  • You can "drag and drop" an image to the HTML editor, it will added to cusror position of an  editor.
Article ID: 37
Last updated: 22 Nov, 2013
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