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Last updated: 27 Jun, 2019

The Featured tab lets you select articles you want to highlight. You can include articles in the Featured section of your index page, or in the featured section of a category, or both.

To access the Featured tab click Articles from the main menu bar and select Featured from the tabs displayed:

The list provides the ID and title of each featured article and the number of views the article has had. A star appears in the Index Page or Category Page columns, or both, to indicate where the article is featured. In the Category Page column a number appears beside the star to indicate how many categories feature the article.

Use the filter at the top of the form, marked in red in the image above, to show only articles that are featured on the Index page, the Company Specific page, or for a particular category. Click the > button to filter the display. Clear the fields and click > again to show all articles.

At the right of each entry is [...] button. Click it to open the Actions menu. From this menu:

  • Select Details to see more about the current article. The display changes to the Details sub-tab of the Articles tab.
  • Select Edit to set how the article is featured.
  • Select Remove to remove the current article from the Featured list. 

Add an article to the Featured list

To add an article to the Featured list, click the Add new button. The popup window appears and shows all the articles available to add to the list.

Use the filter fields above the list and then click the > button to show only articles that match the conditions you set. Clear all fields and click > again to show all articles.

To add an article to the list, select one that does not already have a star in its Index or Category column. Click the icon to add the article to the list.

Click the icon in the Action column to open the edit form for the article. The form is described below.

Edit a featured article

To adjust how an article is featured, click the Action icon for the article and select Edit. The Edit form appears:

Clear the check box to remove the article from the Index Page display.

You can feature an article on one or more category pages. To add the article to a category page, click the + button to the right of the Category Page field. Select the category you want from the list that appears. To remove the article from a category page, select the category in the Category Page field and click the - button to the right of the field. A confirmation message appears to make sure you want to remove the category.

Click Save to save your edits. Click Cancel to abandon your edits and close the form.

Remove a featured article

There are three ways to remove articles from the Featured list:

  1. Click the Action icon for the article you want to remove from the list and select Remove.
  2. Check the check box at the left of the row for each article you want to remove. Click the Actions with selected menu at the bottom of the display, and select Remove. Click OK to confirm that you want to remove the selected articles.
       This option is useful when you need to remove several articles from the Featured list. Check the check box that appears at the top left of the list of articles to select all articles. De-select it to clear all check boxes at once. 
  3. Click the Add new button to open the list of articles as described above. Articles that are featured have a star in either or both of their Index Page and Category Page columns. Click a star to remove that article from being featured in that page or pages; you can remove the article from one feature and retain it for the other.

Configure display options

To learn more about configuring the display of featured articles, see The Public Area tab explained.
See settings "Featured articles" and "Featured articles in a category".

Article ID: 407
Last updated: 27 Jun, 2019
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