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KBPublisher v4.0.2 release notes

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Last updated: 9 Dec, 2011

KBPublisher release 4.0.2 fixed several issues found in KBPublisher Release 4.0.1
and added some new features
  • Added filter by user to Feedback
  • Added template vars: kbp_user_id, kbp_user_priv_id, kbp_article_id, etc.
  • Changed "Browse by category", now it hides second select if there are no child categories
  • Changed "Rating comment" notification email, author and updater can get notifications
  • Fixed sort order for news RSS
  • Fixed issue with chart was not displayed in Reports with some php versions
  • Fixed issue with "Access denied" for not admin users when assign role to user
  • Fixed issue for db error "1406: Data too long for column 'filetext'..." when adding file
  • Fixed issue with incorrect "Allowed extensions"  in Files module
  • Fixed issue with incorrect date for live revision in article history 
  • Fixed issue with incorrect details data in search logs    
  • Fixed issue with wrong directory detection in Directory Rules   
  • Fixed issue where apostrophe "'" is not allowed in emails

Upgrading from v4.0.1 to v4.0.2

This package is available as both a standard upgrade and as a Modified Files package. Please read here for upgrading instructions.

All downloads available in your client area.

Article ID: 335
Last updated: 9 Dec, 2011
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