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KBPublisher v4.5 Release Notes

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Last updated: 16 Jul, 2012

We are proud to announce that the latest version of KBPublisher (v4.5) is now available. We have added some much-requested features and improved existing ones..

New modules and features

Custom Fields

  • You can now create custom input fields
  • Data from these fields can be displayed within the article itself, beneath the article, or only displayed in the Administration area when creating or managing articles
  • Custom fields can be applied to the whole knowledgebase, or on the category level
  • Custom fields are searchable.

Search suggest and statistics

  • We have added a "Search suggest" feature to Public Area.  As the user starts typing, auto-completed words are suggested
  • A new search statistics report tells you the most common search terms.  Use this to refine your keywords to help users really find what they are looking for.  You can export  the results to a csv or xml file to use in other programs.

HTML editor

  • FCKeditor has been updated to the latest version of CKeditor.  This release contains maintenance and bug fixes. New features include new image and table alignment options and some accessibility enhancements.

Improved items

  • Added quick filter to files in "Add Local Files" tab. 
  • Added Antiword support for indexing Word files.  This means that you can now use either Catdoc or Antiword  to enable searching in Word files on KBPublisher
  • Added autosaving feature to News.  KBPublisher now automatically saves news items at regular intervals as you type.  This brings the News section in line with Articles.
  • Added bulk actions to Glossary.  You can now select multiple glossary items at once and change the status, set to view once/view all or delete.
  • Added permalinks to article comments
  • Added setting on/off for "Quick Response". For some clients the Quick Response section at the bottom of our Ask a Question feedback form --where we search the database as the user types in his/her question--is one of the best things about the knowledgebase. Other clients want a simple feedback form.  We have added a switch which will turn this feature on or off.
  • Added privilege allowing users to manage comments and rating comments which belongs to his articles
  • Under the Settings tab, we have rearranged the Admin and Public Areas settings to make it easier to to administer.


  • Fixed issue with incorrect redirection to article/category after login or Auto Authentication
  • Fixed issue where history was not deleted when article was deleted
  • Fixed issue with MySQL fatal error in history list in some cases
  • Fixed issue where private categories were not hidden for unauthorized users in category filter select in article list view
  • Removed user's password from Login logs


  •  Ioncube loader is not required any more


  • Instructions for upgrading your current version can be found here, please do not use option 3 for the upgrade (replacing modified files only).

Article ID: 347
Last updated: 16 Jul, 2012
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