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KBPublisher v4.5.1 release notes

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Last updated: 12 Oct, 2012

KBPublisher release 4.5.1 fixed several issues found in release 4.5 and added some new features

  • CKEditor updated to v3.6.4
  • Added ability to redirect to search result after login or after Remote Authentication
  • Added report for news hits (number of views)
  • Added preview screen when click for not published articles in admin area 
  • Added fulltext index on filename for files in Files module 
  • Added revision number to article view and to print and pdf views in public area
  • Added captcha to "Send to friend" form
  • Added ability to Drag&Drop images to HTML editor (experimental)
  • Improved setup wizard, now it tries to create database if it does not exist
  • Fixed issue with HTML editor styles, now styles are compatible with previous KBP versions
  • Fixed issue with HTML email templates where HTML editor was not found
  • Fixed issue when custom fields assigned to category disappeared in update entry view 
  • Fixed issue with wrong link in "New rating comment" email 

Upgrading from v4.5 to v4.5.1

This package is available as both a standard upgrade and as a Modified Files package. Please read here for upgrading instructions.

All downloads available in your client area.

Article ID: 352
Last updated: 12 Oct, 2012
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