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The article history screen explained

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Last updated: 05 May, 2021

The History screens shows all versions of an article.  From here you can compare earlier versions with the current one, revert to earlier versions, delete versions and you can download a copy of a specific version.

KBPublisher article screen main tab

  1. Live Revision shows information about the current version.  Version number, date it was last created and any revision comments.  When comparing versions, this is the version you compare against.
  2. Revision number is a sequentially allocated number.  Each time you save the article, this number increments.
  3. Date added is the date and time the version was created.
  4. And who it was created by.
  5. When you create a version you also add a revision comment.
  6. View changes opens the version and compares it side-by-side against the live version. Changes in each document are highlighted.
  7. Rollback allows you to revert to a previous version. This then becomes the live version, while the formerly current version becomes another historical version.
  8. Load revision to update opens the article for editing.  When you save the edited article this becomes the new current version.
  9. Download allows you to save the article (live version and an historical one) to your hard drive and compare it in your favorite compare tool. The file is saved as HTML.
  10. Public view displays the current live article in the public view.
  11. Edit article opens the current live article for editing.
  12. Delete all revisions deletes all historical versions, leaving only the current version.  Note that if you wish to delete an historical version, load the revision to update.

This functionality works in version 4.0 and above

Article ID: 309
Last updated: 05 May, 2021
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