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KBPublisher v6.0 Release Notes

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Last updated: 13 Feb, 2017

We are proud to announce that the latest version of KBPublisher v6.0 is now available.

New Modules and Features

Sphinx Search Engine support

  • Sphinx is a full-text search engine that provides fast and relevant full-text search functionality. 
  • Key Sphinx features are:
    - high indexing and searching performance
    - advanced indexing and querying tools (flexible and feature-rich text tokenizer, querying language, several different ranking modes, etc)
    - proven scalability up to billions of documents, terabytes of data, and thousands of queries per second
    - Supports Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.

SAML authentication

  • SAML is to enable Single Sign-On for the application across various domains and services.

User Activity Report

  • The User Action Report Module allows you to monitor what user is doing in the system, or who viewed a specified article, etc.
  • It can flexibly generate transaction reports according to the users' needs, such as number of views/downloads per day, week or month.

Quick Create an Article

  • This option allows quick inline creation or update of articles in Public Area.

New Export Modules

  • Export to PDF/HTML module enables users to export the entire KBPublisher data, or a particular directory for offline browsing.
  • You can add your own header and/or footer to PDF template and it will be included on every page.


  • CKEditor updated to v4.6.2
  • Added an option to upload file with the same name and it will not be renamed
  • Added an option to change article author and/or updater in a bulk
  • Added functionality to move articles to Drafts
  • Added an option to print, convert to PDF set of articles - previously added to the pool
  • Added a category condition to Automation
  • Added more Automation placeholders, which allows to parse all matches in one email  
  • Added functionality which allows to add "Tooltips" to the articles
  • Added a feature "Report an issue", if a user sees something incorrect with a particular article - he can report about this
  • Added support for automatic sign-in (Keep me signed)
  • Added  SEF URL for category links 
  • Added an option to open a file in browser  in Downloads section 
  • Other minor enhancements

Improved Items

  • Improved forms: submissions, processing, validating - now uses AJAX
  • Improved functionality: assigning a category for the article and/or file in the Admin Area
  • Improved Custom Fields module, now organized with tabs
  • Improved "Share" menu and functionality to manage it
  • Improved articles history module, instead of date added to history - now it displays initially updated date,
    and instead user who added the article to the history - now it displays the user who updated the article and it's added to the history 
  • Improved API, now uploaded images are parsed and have full (http) URL in article/news body
  • Improved user import functionality, added extra fields, notification email is sent to user 
  • Improved LDAP auth functionality, added * wildcard support to role/priv mapping 
  • Improved attachment functionality, it is more easily and intuitive to attach files to article 
  • Improved search experience in Client Area     

Removed Items

  • Removed old functionality to approve articles/files, use drafts instead 
  • Removed "Spotlight" functionality in Admin area, if Sphinx is not installed
  • Removed TCPDF library which allows to export single article to PDF

Security Updates

  • Password should be at least 8 characters and includes at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter and a number.


  • Fixed issue where custom fields checkbox is not set, as checked by default 
  • Fixed issue with "#" sign in URL, it was not converted in SEF URL's
  • Fixed issue with "Trash", tab did not display if user is not an admin
  • Fixed issues with export to CVS export, it was not removing new lines
  • Fixed issue with disappearing {value} in custom fields templates


  • If you are upgrading and using remote authentication - please review your LDAP authentication settings. Enabling and disabling remote authentication has been changed, moved from config file to Settings.
  • KBPublisher 6.0 supports PHP 7.1 and MySQL 5.7.x series
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Last updated: 13 Feb, 2017
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