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KBPublisher v7.5.4 release notes

Article ID: 486
Last updated: 22 Aug, 2022

KBPublisher release 7.5.4 fixed several issues found in release 7.5.3

  • CKEditor upgraded to version 4.19.1
  • Added an option to sort by date in users favorite list.
  • Fixed issue with ignored mail parameter to send subscription email.
  • Fixed issue when DOMDocument::loadXML raises fatal error.
  • Fixed issue with missed body field in exporting articles to cvs, xml, excel.
  • Fixed issue with warning message for some privileges when editing article.
  • Fixed issue with some non static error messages.
  • Fixed issue updating file with the same name in Files module.
  • Fixed issue to exporting to HTML single files format.
  • Fixed issue when searching by article id.   

Upgrading KBPublisher

This package is available as both a standard upgrade and as a Modified Files package.
All downloads are available in your client area.

Article ID: 486
Last updated: 22 Aug, 2022
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