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KBPublisher v7.0.2 release notes

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Last updated: 30 Oct, 2019

KBPublisher release 7.0.2 fixed several issues found in release 7.0.1 and added some new features.

  • CKEditor upgraded to 4.13.0
  • Added an option to move users to the Trash.
  • Added an option that allows users to delete their accounts.
  • Added the ability to use special search strings to search by id or by tags. Examples: id:14 and tag:tag1 tag2 tag3
  • Added an option to disallow and/or validate IP for HTTP requests to cron jobs.
  • Added an option to the API to use relative image paths in article body.
  • Added an option to reset Draft approval. It moves it to the state it had before approval.
  • Changed "View changes" behavior on the draft update screen. Now you can view changes between live updates and the original article.
  • Fixed an issue with the admin layout. The side panel design in the admin area is no longer broken.
  • Fixed an issue with the database error tree menu if you browse more than 2 category deep for Downloads.
  • Fixed an issue with automatically adding files as attachments if there is a duplicate inline file.
  • Fixed an issue with adding words to the spellchecker "exclude" dictionary, which is the list of words not to spellcheck.
  • Fixed an issue which did not allow you to add or update API keys.
  • Fixed an issue with some incorrect button values in Drafts.
  • Fixed an issue where the last item in the tree menu on mobile gadgets was missing.
  • Fixed an issue related to getting the latest version information.
  • Fixed an issue with automation emails. In some circumstances, emails could be not sent.
  • Other small bug fixes.

Upgrading KBPublisher

This package is available as both a standard upgrade and as a Modified Files package.
All downloads are available in your client area.

Article ID: 464
Last updated: 30 Oct, 2019
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